Coffee Products

Here's our proud coffee selections.

We are picking & roasting Our coffee from many
origin allover Indonesia...

Aceh Gayo

This Coffee has a very unique aroma and taste. Most of the coffee will leave the bitterness in our tounge , but not this kind. We barely can feel the bitterness of this coffee. The original taste came from its good aroma and the light un-bitter taste. Some even think that the taste of Aceh gayo is more sophisticated than the Jamaican Blue Mountain

Bali Kintamani

Not only the beautiful scenery that made this place special as an income for the tourism industry, but Bali also produce coffee bean in Indonesia.
The famous bean is from Kintamani. Generally Bali coffee is well maintained using a wet methodic. That method will produce sweet , soft , and well consistent coffee beans. The uniqueness of Bali Coffee came from its lemony and orange aroma.

Sumatra Lintong

This is an Arabica coffee. what makes it special is the mild taste yet feels thick , good aroma and a very unique acidity. This kind of coffee is recommended for those who love to drink traditional or espresso coffee.

Flores Bajawa

The land in Flores is not flat and some places have active and non-active volcanoes. The ashes from the volcanoes make the Andosols soil rich and fertile, which is ideal to produce organic coffee beans. The Arabica coffee beans are planted on 1200 to 1800 meters height above the sea level, on the hills and plateaus.

Like its name , Flores Bajawa coffee is known for its sweet, chocolaty, floral and woody taste. The coffee produced by the coffee farmers in Flores NTT has gone internationally. The consumers abroad are very fond of the Flores Bajawa coffee taste. Based on the coffee taste judgement held by Indonesian Coffee Association, this coffee reached 94.6 points and left Aceh coffee in the second place with 86 points.

Toraja Kalosi

Sulawesi coffee gives you a clean and sound taste in the brewing process. It gives you the nutty and herbal taste like cinnamon or java cardamom. Sometimes we can also find a black pepper taste in this coffee. The sweetness, like most of Indonesian coffee, bound with the body. The aftertaste will cover our mouth in the end and feels soft and tender

Robusta Rawaseneng

As a robusta bean producer , on 800 meters height above the sea level, this coffee is getting well known by the coffee lovers and drinkers. With a spacious coffee plantation reaches 136 ha , Rawaseneng has the ability to cover the export needs of Indonesian coffee internationally.

Our latest development on this bean has develop the taste such as , sweet , floral fragrance , jack fruit fragrance , medium body and clean after taste

Gold Espresso Blend

This blend has unique combination such as full body , Chocolate and Caramel taste.

European Espresso Blend

This blend has unique combination such as medium body , Strong aroma, and citrus taste and Clean finish.